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Is the Board Game Bubble Bursting in 2019? Rising Costs a Growing Concern

To say that board games is in a bubble needs to be qualified first: it isn't the act of playing games that's in a bubble. To some extent, it's not even the act of publishing games that's in a bubble. It is a specific type of publishing -- rapid, small print projects -- that is in a bubble, in addition to some of the culture that surrounds board games. Board game developers, publishers, and distributors are all feeling a crunch right now, as board games become more expensive to produce and yield a smaller piece of the pie to each one.

In-Depth: Hasbro Appeals to Millennials With New Board Game Parody Line

Games like "Clue: What Happened Last Night?" and "Botched Operation" have hit Target in time for the holiday season, in a new move by Hasbro to reach the millennial audience. These parody games aren't just re-skins of the old classics: they include different game mechanics that are meant to appeal to those who have already played these games countless times with their family.

CEO Christian Petersen Announces Retirement from Asmodee NA

Christian Petersen, designer of Twilight Imperium and founder of Fantasy Flight Games, will be stepping down as CEO of Asmodee NA by the end of 2018. Petersen assumed the role in 2014, following Asmodee's acquisition of Fantasy Flight. During his career with Fantasy Flight he published over 400 games and was personally involved in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, the Lord of the Rings Trivia Game, and many others.

Asmodee Announces Its New "Modern Classics" Line Up

As part of its ceaseless bid to consume every major franchise, Asmodee has begun the task of eating its own tail like the fabled ouroboros. Asmodee has announced a new line of "modern classics," likely intended to keep some of its most popular games on retail shelves. The Modern Classics line will include "Ticket to Ride Europe," "Catan," "Carcassone," "Dixit," "Pandemic," and "Splendor." What, if anything, will change about these games has yet to be discussed.

Leder Games Cancels Deep: Enemy Frontier, Questions of IP Theft Raised

On Wednesday evening, February 21st, the Operations Director of Leder Games announced that it would no longer be publishing the game Deep, an asymmetrical space-themed game intended to be the "spiritual successor" to Vast: The Crystal Caverns. Intended for 2 to 4 players, Deep: Enemy Frontier was going to put each player in a separate role, during a period of conflict.

Stronghold Games Teases New Terraforming Mars: Prelude Expansion

Terraforming Mars: Prelude, an expansion to the popular space race game, has been sighted at the New York Toy Fair. Terraforming Mars was released in 2016 by Stronghold Games, receiving rave reviews and already receiving two expansions: "Terraforming Hellas & Elysium" and "Venus Next."

The Reckoners Board Game Kickstarter Has Gone Live!

First announced in June of 2017, Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter for The Reckoners Board Game has now gone live. Already halfway funded on its $70,000 goal, the game is drawing in many of the fans of Brandon Sanderson's work and series. The cooperative board game is being published by Nauvoo Games, a small publisher responsible for games such as Stockpile and CrossTalk.

Mayfair Games Shuts Down, Assets Purchased by Asmodee

As of February 9th, Mayfair Games has officially announced on Facebook that they intend to "wind down" their game publishing, shifting the entirety of their assets to Asmodee North America. On their Facebook page, they noted that "After 36 years, [it] was not an easy decision or one [they] took lightly, but it was necessary." Assets from both Mayfair Games, Inc. and Lookout Games, GmbH will be transferred to Asmodee North America. 

New Clue Movie Will Star Ryan Reynolds

When was the last time you played Clue? Clue is just one of those games you grow up with as a kid, set aside, and probably never look at again. Clue the movie, on the other hand, was a cult classic, popular even now among mainstream audiences. A fast, witty, and satirical movie in the vein of Airplane, Clue is, to many, timeless. So does it need to be remade?


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