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Re-Chord Brings Guitar Hero to Board Games

With real picks, chords, and songs to play, Re-Chord has struck a chord with board gamers. Funded in just 7 hours, the pattern matching game Re-Chord has reached $20,032 of its $7,500 goal. A single pledge of $29 gets you a copy of Re-Chord and all of its stretch goals, which have become substantial as the game has blasted away its milestones.

Are You "That Couple" When It Comes to Board Gaming?

You take out your newest board game, with a gleam in your eye. You know everyone's been waiting to play this -- and you got in on the Kickstarter. But suddenly everyone's averting their eyes.

"I don't know, Tom. It's a little late."

"It's 12:00. Noon."

"Well, I have to get up early for school."

"You haven't been in school in eight years."

"OK, fine. Truth be told, we hate playing with you two."

Oh no. You've become "that couple."

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