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Leder Games Cancels Deep: Enemy Frontier, Questions of IP Theft Raised

On Wednesday evening, February 21st, the Operations Director of Leder Games announced that it would no longer be publishing the game Deep, an asymmetrical space-themed game intended to be the "spiritual successor" to Vast: The Crystal Caverns. Intended for 2 to 4 players, Deep: Enemy Frontier was going to put each player in a separate role, during a period of conflict.

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Professional DM?

Professional DMing and GMing is becoming a reality. For some, being a professional DM is a full-time career. For others, it's a way to translate a particularly involved hobby into cash. Some people charge just enough to pay for their materials -- and others are trying to make a living at it. If the career seems interesting to you, it may be time for you to make the jump towards being a professional.

Demo Man: An Interview With My Favorite Board Game Hobbyist

With over 1,700 games, Van Fujishige is about as serious a hobbyist as you can get in the board gaming community -- and one of my closest friends. Running demos for multiple companies and involved in the local convention scene, he's constantly posting the best information on the best games. And it doesn't hurt that he has impeccable taste.

When the DND Game Gets Raunchy: How Do You Deal With Sex in DND?

"Just so you know, if the game gets sexual, I'll probably bow out." My DM looked at me, his eyes suddenly full of panic. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I mean, if it goes sexual in a way that doesn't service the plot or make sense, I'm out. Sex in DND is just not my taste." "I can't really control what other players do." "I'm not asking you to, I"m just telling you what I will do."

The Reckoners Board Game Kickstarter Has Gone Live!

First announced in June of 2017, Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter for The Reckoners Board Game has now gone live. Already halfway funded on its $70,000 goal, the game is drawing in many of the fans of Brandon Sanderson's work and series. The cooperative board game is being published by Nauvoo Games, a small publisher responsible for games such as Stockpile and CrossTalk.

When Your Paladin Goes Rogue: Common Problems When Playing Paladins

A lot of players hate paladins. And that hatred isn't entirely unwarranted. But when played properly, a paladin is actually an excellent class with a lot more versatility than one would expect. The key is in the roleplay. Paladins are excellent damage dealers and defensive tanks. But the core of being a paladin rather than being a fighter lies in their devotion.

Mayfair Games Shuts Down, Assets Purchased by Asmodee

As of February 9th, Mayfair Games has officially announced on Facebook that they intend to "wind down" their game publishing, shifting the entirety of their assets to Asmodee North America. On their Facebook page, they noted that "After 36 years, [it] was not an easy decision or one [they] took lightly, but it was necessary." Assets from both Mayfair Games, Inc. and Lookout Games, GmbH will be transferred to Asmodee North America. 


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