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Codenames Raffle! Enter by February 28th for your chance to win a copy of Codenames.

We're giving away a copy of the popular game "Codenames"! Codenames is an excellent party game that can be adjusted to compensate nearly any large group. In Codenames, players take turns being the "Spymaster," directing their team to guess specific words while trying to help them avoid the assassin. Spymasters need to choose single word clues that can apply to multiple names on their gameboard, while the other team competes to reveal their spies first.

The Evolution of Character Death in Roleplaying/DND Games

Character death in roleplaying is a hotly contested topic, and, in the opinion of many long-time GMs, one of the major ways in which roleplaying games have changed in the last ten years. In prior generations, hero death was fairly common. Not only that, but it was often seen not as an antagonistic action or failure of the GM, but rather a noble or fitting end to a character. Today, character death is seen as something that needs to be avoided at all costs -- and that’s led to an interesting shift in roleplaying mechanics.

Is Your Board Game Boring Your Players?

Your players enter the game excited and seem to be having a fantastic time. But, for some reason, after thirty minutes or so they begin to flag. By the time your hour long game is done, they're wiped out. They keep insisting that your game was fun, but it doesn't look like they're chomping at the bit to try it again. What happened? Why is your board game boring?

Opinion: Are DND Mini Figurines Sexist?

“See, this is what I mean,” my DM friend grumbles, turning an unpainted figurine in his hands. “It's 2018. Why does she still have her tits out?”

DND mini figs have a problem, it's true. There simply isn't enough of a variety of figurines out there for women. Even the clothed figurines sport those strange, weightless breasts, that seem to hover as if by magic.

Board Game Tables: Getting Your Game On (It)

Games are getting larger, and let’s face it: we aren’t really doing anything to stop it. As games steadily take over our dining rooms, specialized board game tables are becoming more popular. It’s a rite of passage: you know you’re way, way too into board games when you drop a few thousand dollars on chit storage.

And you’re probably going to spend a few thousand dollars.

How to Price Your Kickstarter Board Game

You don't know what you don't know. Before you launch your first Kickstarter board game, there are a lot of questions you might not even realize you need to ask. Kickstarter has become the de facto standard for independent board game funding, but that also means that the market is now saturated. How can you make your game stand out? What mistakes do you need to avoid?

Well, you may want to begin with the pricing.

Building a Board Game Collection? The First 5 Games to Buy for Any Type of Board Gamer

Whether you're just getting into the hobby or just about to start collecting in earnest, it can be difficult to figure out where to start your board game collection. Though there are suggestions out there, there are vastly types of game experience and different types of board gamer. So here's where to get started depending on your personal preferences.

New Clue Movie Will Star Ryan Reynolds

When was the last time you played Clue? Clue is just one of those games you grow up with as a kid, set aside, and probably never look at again. Clue the movie, on the other hand, was a cult classic, popular even now among mainstream audiences. A fast, witty, and satirical movie in the vein of Airplane, Clue is, to many, timeless. So does it need to be remade?

Like Herding Cats: Mastering DND Scheduling and Getting Your DND Group Together

There are few magics as dark and arcane as DND scheduling. Everyone wants to play DND, but no one has the time. Whether it's school, work, or family, scheduling a group of six people means scheduling around six sets of problems. It can be done, but it will take some extra work.

6 Political Board Games to Get Your Mind Off the Government Shutdown

Alright: our government is taking a bit of a break. And that could probably have some consequences for us, at some point in time. But the reason we play board games is to get our minds off reality. In keeping with that theme, here are some of the best political board games you can play at your "democracy is ending" game night.


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