Dinosaur Island

If you're of a certain age, you probably remember the old simulation games where you ran a zoo or a park. These weren't the games of today, in which you build sprawling 3D environments. They were 2D games, in which you placed animals in little slots and attempted to make the best attractions. Dinosaur Island is a lot like that: you're trying to build a theme park in 2D space, to create the best attractions and make the most money. But if your park becomes too dangerous, dinosaurs will start eating the guests.

Year Published: 
1-4 Players
Play Time: 
120 Minutes

Game Information

Build your own Jurassic Park in this dinosaur-themed attraction game! Raise your park's excitement levels, build new attractions, and discover new dinosaurs -- just make sure your visitors aren't eaten. 

In the Box: 
16 specialist cards * 80 visitors * 36 workers * 70 income chits * 15 objectives * 9 twist cards * 10 DNA dice * 20 lab tiles * 20 paddock tiles * 27 attraction tiles * 14 dinosaur recipe tiles * 12 scientists * 100 marker cubes * 50 dinosaurs * 1 research board * 1 track board * 1 marketplace board * 4 park boards * 4 lab boards