Year Published: 
3-6 Players
Play Time: 
30 Minutes

Game Information

A creative party game, Dixit comes with a deck of whimsical, fantastical cards. On their turn, a player must give clues to their own card -- keeping it specific enough that at least one player will get it, but non-specific enough that other players may be able to fool each other. The other players then place a similar card into a shuffled deck, and all cards are revealed. Players all guess which card was the real card, and score points based on whether they were able to select correctly or fool others. Dixit comes with many different expansions, appealing art, and light-hearted gameplay. 

Sample Turn: 
  • Board Game Bob selects a card that has a single rose on it, choosing "red" as his clue.
  • Everyone else chooses a card from their hand that has red on it.
  • Once the cards have been selected, they are all shuffled. Board Game Bob puts each card out face up.
  • Players use tokens to guess which card was Bob's initial card.
  • Two players guess the rose and get points for a successful guess. 
  • Other players get points based on the number of players they fooled into voting for them.
  • Bob gets points for having at least one player, but not all players, guess his card.