Explorers of the North Sea

Complete your Viking adventure with Explorers of the North Sea! Construct outposts, collect livestock, and take over settlements as you expand and conquest. Explorers of the North Sea is the third of the North Sea Trilogy of games. Though it's a standalone product, it can also be played in conjunction with Raiders of the North Sea and Shipwrights of the North Sea. Each game has its own theme and mechanics, and each of them can be played together along with The North Sea Runesaga.

Year Published: 
1-4 Players
Play Time: 
45 Minutes

Game Information

Venture out into uncharted waters as a Viking sea captain in this beautiful game for 1-4 players. If you’re bold enough to take the necessary risks, newly discovered islands await you. As captain of 7 Vikings and a longship, you and your crew will set off into the waves in this adventurous tile placement game. Box includes amazing artwork and high quality components that allow you to immerse yourself into the Viking age.