Forbidden Desert

Year Published: 
2-5 Players
Play Time: 
45 Minutes

Game Information

Once you've escaped Forbidden Island, you crash land in the Forbidden Desert -- possibly not, but that's our canon for it. Forbidden Desert is a reimplementation of Forbidden Island; up to 5 players must play cooperatively in order to find artifacts and escape the desert, all while sand piles up around them. Oncec the sand has piled up too far, the mission is doomed. Every player gets their own role and they must take turns finding artifacts, moving, and digging up sand, all while the sand continues to rise. 

Gear up for a thrilling adventure to recover a legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient desert city. You'll need to coordinate with your teammates and use every available resource if you hope to survive the scorching heat and relentless sandstorm. Find the flying machine and escape before you all become permanent artifacts of the Forbidden Desert! When Gamewright launched Forbidden Island in 2010, they had an inkling that they had created a hit game but never to the point that we'd be prompted to make a sequel. Well, here they are a few years later with just that in hand. Their challenge to designer Matt Leacock was to create a game that would contain familiar elements (cooperative play, modular board), while offering up a completely different in-game experience.