Joking Hazard

Year Published: 
3-10 Players
Play Time: 
30 Minutes

Game Information

Joking Hazard is a Cards Against Humanity style game that puts players in control of a comic strip. Players compete to create the funniest punchline from the cards in their hand -- and judges decide which they personally find the best. Play can continue until a certain number of "cards" have been scored, making play time relatively flexible. With art based on Cyanide and Happiness, Joking Hazard has broad appeal even with those who haven't played a lot of card games or board games.

Sample Turn: 
  • Board Game Bob pulls a card from the shared deck and places it down. 
  • Board Game Bob then pulls a card from his own deck, and decides to place it before the other card. 
  • Other players decide on the third and final card for the comic strip, placing these face down in front of Bob.
  • Bob shuffles the cards in front of him and lays them out one by one, completing the comic strip.
  • Bob decides on the card that is funniest. This card becomes one "point" for the person who laid it down.