Shogunate is a fast-paced, friendly, but competitive card game that can't be taken too seriously. In Shogunate, six powers are competing for the title of Shogun. You are not these powers. Instead, you have two hidden allegiance cards -- these cards declare your loyalty.

Year Published: 
3-6 Players
Play Time: 
20 Minutes
Game Information

"The six great clans each strive to have their leader be first in line to succeed the Shogun. Of course, you'll do so in a manner most, shall we say...honorable.

In Shogunate, each player is loyal to two clans. Your goal is to use your actions to manipulate the line of succession such that the leaders of your clans earn the most honor!"

Sample Turn: 
  • Board Game Bob is the leader of this round.
  • Carl, Daniela, and Eve select their cards and place them face down.
  • All of them place their cards face up.
  • Board Game Bob selects Carl to go first. Carl's card lets him move a leader up two spaces.
  • Board Game Bob selects Daniela to go next. Daniela's card lets her view a person's allegiance. She selects Carl.
  • Board Game Bob selects Eve to go next. Eve's card lets her trade allegiances with someone. She takes one of Carl's.
  • Board Game Bob assigns honor based on the plot card. The plot card gives two honor to the faction at the top and one honor to the faction at the bottom.
  • Every player counts the honor on the cards that match their allegiance. If they have 12 or more, they win.
  • If no one wins, the next round is played.