Small World

Whether you're controlling bivouacking giants or fortified wizards, you need to lead your Small World civilization towards greatness. Appropriately named, Small World's primary feature is its perfectly sized maps, which forces players to immediately encounter each other, working to take over as much of the land as possible before they need to send their civilization into decline. Players are able to select races that have randomized attributes, changing strategy from game to game.

Year Published: 
2-5 Players
Play Time: 
60 Minutes

Game Information

Control a fantasy race with special attributes, building power through your conquest! In Small World, players select special fantasy races with randomized modifiers, spreading through the map, fighting each other, and gaining victory points based on how much area they control. 

In the Box: 
4 maps * 6 player summary sheets * 14 fantasy race banners * 1 blank fantasy race banner * 168 matching race tokens * 18 lost tribe tokens * 20 unique special power badges * 1 blank special power badge * 10 troll lairs * 6 fortresses * 9 mountains * 5 encampments * 2 holes in the ground * 2 heroes * 1 dragon * 109 victory coins * 1 reinforcement die * 1 game turn marker