7 of the Best D&D Alignment Charts Featuring Inanimate Objects

DND alignment. What is it and how does it work? Truth is, no one really knows, which is probably why 5e stopped leaning so hard on it. The D&D alignment system is really a character building mechanic which gives you an interesting little shorthand to define what your character is all about. It's not perfect, but when it does fit, it just fits.

1. The Shopping Cart Alignment Chart by Rob Beschizza @ BoingBoing.net

What if you launch it into the corral every time, but so that it perfectly aligns with the others? I like to call that "Chaotic Fun Times."

2. The Sandwich Alignment Chart @ Know Your Meme

My group has been arguing about this goddamn chart for over a year now and it shows no sign of ending. The really important question: is a hot dog a taco?

3. The Girl Scout Cookie Alignment Chart by Queentab @ Tumblr


I have no idea why, but this checks out to me.

4. The Connector Alignment Chart by Rob Beschizza @ BoingBoing.net

What did the USB-C ever do to you? Though I always was suspicious of coaxials.

5. The Bread Alignment Chart @ Know Your Meme

Chaotic good must know about the bottle hack before chaotic good can use the bottle hack. Chaotic good has failed its lore check.

6. Utensil Alignment Chart by BoatFan @ Reddit

This reminds me of a poster our DnD campaign once spawned:

7. Candy Alignment Chart by Christopher_Cars @ Reddit

Loooooot of lawful neutral grandmothers out there.

For those still trying to figure out alignment, it's important to note that "lawful-chaotic" and "good-evil" are really kind of misnomers. The lawful-chaotic scale is really a scale of society vs personal freedom, where "lawful" will choose what is best for everyone and "chaotic" will choose what's best for themselves and those around them. This creates chaos in a society. And though "good and evil" is more nebulous, it can be most easily defined as whether you are interested in primarily helping or hurting people, however you choose to do those things.

As an example, Thanos would not be considered evil, because he actually is trying to help.