Asmodee Announces Its New "Modern Classics" Line Up

As part of its ceaseless bid to consume every major franchise, Asmodee has begun the task of eating its own tail like the fabled ouroboros. Asmodee has announced a new line of "modern classics," likely intended to keep some of its most popular games on retail shelves. The Modern Classics line will include "Ticket to Ride Europe," "Catan," "Carcassone," "Dixit," "Pandemic," and "Splendor." What, if anything, will change about these games has yet to be discussed.

What are Asmodee's Modern Classics?

Asmodee's Modern Classics are games that are "easy to learn but difficult to master"; in other words, games that have a very low learning curve, but nevertheless provide some complexity and depth. After all, we've all known that one master class Dixit player, who always wins the Dixit championships. The Pandemic teams are gearing up for competition in London as we speak.

That's not to say that the distinction isn't a good one. Asmodee's Modern Classics is a line up of excellent gateway games, which can be used to introduce new people to the hobby. Modern classics are new games which have become shelf staples, and games that even those with peripheral knowledge of the hobby are likely to know. 

What Does Any Of This Mean?

Probably nothing. Probably marketing.

Asmodee's Modern Classics line is likely to be targeted towards retailers, game cafes, and conventions -- in other words, it's a business-to-business ploy. The line up likely makes it easier to pitch an elite selection of games to toy stores and game shops: places that don't exclusively sell board games and are interested in purchasing display units. Asmodee can now point at these games as the entry-level games for a business to carry.

However, there's also some speculation that Asmodee may be positioning itself against giants such as Hasbro, by producing a "classic" line up of more affordable games -- or even making a bid to be acquired by Hasbro. Cost and extreme market diversity have have created a significant barrier-to-entry into the hobby for many individuals. By creating an affordable line up of "classics," Asmodee may ultimately be able to bring more hobbyists into the fold.