Cards Against Humanity "Redistributes Wealth"

Every year Cards against Humanity tries to do something a little unusual for the holidays. Once, they sold "absolutely nothing" -- as in, there was nothing in the box. Another time, they did put something in the box... cow manure. At one point, they used money to dig a giant hole for no reason at all. Just kept digging as long as the dollars kept coming. And just a few months ago, they collected money to purchase land on the border of Mexico, to make it more difficult for Trump to build a wall.

This year, Cards Against Humanity is redistributing wealthBy collecting demographic information about the customers who purchased their last expansion, they were able to take the profits of the expansion and give 100 people a check for $1,000. Another 10,000 received their expansion for free. This isn't just publicity stunt: Cards Against Humanity has shown a very clear and deep commitment to... well, de-commercializing the holidays, if nothing else. 

Now the real question: Is it an argument for socialism or is it an argument for the free market?