Set in a crime ridden, corrupt city, Dicetopia is a strategic dice-based game in which 2 to 4 players enhance their power, complete missions, and play through a total of 10 different scenarios. This game has already exceeded its funding at $10,000 pledged of its $5,000 goal. It's the first created project by All or None Games.

What's in the Dicetopia Box?

Dicetopia contains a city board, score track, 10 factions, 40 mission cards, and 10 scenario cards. All of it has the same cyberpunk-esque art, which looks brilliant. Other pieces include 30 dice, 28 agent cubes, 3 observatory markers, and an observatory track card. 

How Does It Play?

Dicetopia is described as a "slow burn" game, where players need to make decisions on where to place their agents and which resources to gather -- and then wait to see the results. Players are able to draw missions, roll die, swap agents in with dice, and swap dice in a variety of ways -- the dice being the resources. Apart from this, each separate faction has their own special abilities. 

With all of this at play, players need to be able to position themselves throughout their neighborhoods, build resources, and intelligently interfere with their neighbor's actions. 

Is It Worth It?

Dicetopia is being manufactured in Sweden. If you're outside of Sweden, the game itself is about $37 including shipping -- which is a little on the expensive side. Nevertheless, the game looks fun and interesting, and it can even be demoed on Tabletopia. Different factions and scenarios give it a lot of replayability, and the ability to try it first is fairly low risk. 

Funding Date: 
Thursday, January 25, 2018