Father's Day: 6 of the Best Board Games to Buy for Dad

Maybe your dad is already into board games, but he still needs to build up his collection. Maybe you just have no idea what he's interested in to begin with -- lawn care? Technology? Fishing? What does he do with his time? Regardless, a board game can be the opportunity to give your dad the gift that he really wants: more time with his family. Presumably. You might all be terrible. We don't know. 

Starting from scratch is difficult, but there are a few all-around games that can be fun for any family.



Pandemic comes up on nearly every list. There's a reason why: Pandemic is an excellent gateway game. If your father is used to traditional games, like Risk, Pandemic is going to seem natural to him after just a few turns. Even better, Pandemic is a cooperative game, which means you aren't going to end your Father's Day with a table flipping. 


We just finished ranting about why we don't like Carcassonne, and we're going to follow it up by telling you to probably buy Carassonne. If your dad likes simple puzzle games with a dash of strategy, Carcassonne is an absolutely unobjectionable game. Even better, if he gets really into it, it has about a bazillion expansions.


Want to play a game with your dad? Want your dad and your mom to become embroiled in dire competition? Hive is a strategic, simple game with brightly-colored tiles. It can be played practically anywhere, is easy to learn, and surprisingly deep. It's a game very similar to chess, and it even has a couple of expansions out. 


Unlock has released, oh, I don't know, dozens of their little escape room puzzle games. Playable with 1 to 6 players, Unlock! replicates the escape room experience. Though they can be played only once, they play a lot like an adventure game and are built for casual gamers. If he loves one, you can get him others -- and they're helpfully ranked by difficulty level. 


A simple set matching game, Splendor takes only a few minutes to learn, is brightly colored and attractive, and has a new expansion that adds depth. Splendor is another great "gateway" game for those who haven't played more complex board games before, and it's a solid strategy game in its own right -- even if there usually is an appropriate way to play.

Cards Against Humanity

Oh, I don't know. Maybe you have one of those cool dads. Maybe you have a unique relationship with your dad. Maybe you just want to see him uncomfortable. Give him this box and smile. Cards Against Humanity really is a great game, and it's exponentially better the less that you've played it. Share the discomfort with your family.

If you're really at a loss as to what to buy your father, there's always a themed set of Monopoly or Clue.