New Clue Movie Will Star Ryan Reynolds

When was the last time you played Clue? Clue is just one of those games you grow up with as a kid, set aside, and probably never look at again. Clue the movie, on the other hand, was a cult classic, popular even now among mainstream audiences. A fast, witty, and satirical movie in the vein of Airplane, Clue is, to many, timeless. So does it need to be remade?

Ryan Reynolds Will Star in New Clue Movie

Maybe -- with this crew. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriters responsible for Deadpool, will be writing the script, and the movie will be starring Ryan Reynolds himself. And though The Hollywood Reporter, Nerdist, and other publications are calling it a "remake," there isn't any firm information on how much of a remake it really will be. After all, there's a lot of source material available. Clue (also known as Cluedo) was first published in 1950, and over the years has gone through a number of iterations, including a new cast of characters for a more modern era.

Details on the remake are currently fairly light, and it isn't known exactly which role Ryan Reynolds will play (or who will play the rest of the cast). With a billing that included Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, the original Clue movie leaves a lot to live up to. 

Reynolds' First Project With Fox

Ryan Reynolds isn't just starring in this project; he's also producing it. Ryan Reynolds has recently signed a three year deal with 20th Century Fox, and the new Clue movie is going to be a part of it. This is likely going to be a passion project, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Just last year, a Catan board game movie was floated as well -- though limited information has been available regarding that release.