Polygon Announces New Monthly Board Game Show: Overboard

Polygon's newest foray into board game-themed media has launched with the first episode of Overboard, featuring Mountains of Madness. Overboard is going to cover a different game each month, with Polygon reporters exploring different types of games and gameplay.

Mountains of Madness is an eldritch horror themed game, in which players are attempting to use their supplies to explore and escape an eerie mountainscape. As players progress, they gain different Madness cards, which can lead to players being unable to talk, having to keep their eyes closed, or even having to stroke the face of another player as they speak. Players are summiting a mountain to try to get to their plane, after which they can escape.

Like may Lovecraft-inspired horror games, it's not really possible to "win" Mountains of Madness so much as there are varying levels of losing. Just make sure at the end of the story you still have your tenure!