The Reckoners Board Game Kickstarter Has Gone Live!

First announced in June of 2017, Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter for The Reckoners Board Game has now gone live. Already halfway funded on its $70,000 goal, the game is drawing in many of the fans of Brandon Sanderson's work and series. The cooperative board game is being published by Nauvoo Games, a small publisher responsible for games such as Stockpile and CrossTalk.

Experience "Heart Stopping Action" in The Reckoners

A young adult series selling over 2 million copies, The Reckoners is set in a world of super-powered enemies called the Epics. The Reckoners are skilled, human assassins that need to take these Epics down, despite their unearthly and powerfu abilities. Their ultimate goal is to take down the Big Bad, Steelheart, who has taken over the city.

The Reckoners is going to be a 1 to 6 player cooperative game, in which players need to discover the weakness of Steelheart and take him down. To get to the boss, players need to get through his minions, each of which have special abiltiies.

Combat is run through a dice drafting mechanic, in which players roll dice and decide which to keep. Epics can be researched and attacked, which will deliver clues about Steelheart's weakness. Players are able to augment themselves by purchasing equipment cards.

A total of six playable characters are included, minions, and the enemy Steelheart. There are also additional enforcement miniatures and barricade pieces, used to contain the power of the 25 Epics that players can go up against. A draft version of the rulebook is available for download for more information.

Available at $69 or $99 for the Steelheart Edition

The Reckoners Board Game is priced at $69. For $99, players can get a special Steelheart edition, which includes upgraded metal components. All backers will receive a copy (digital or printed) of Untold Epics, previously unreleased material by Brandon Sanderson.  

About the Publisher: Nauvoo Games

Nauvoo Games is known for Stockpile, Stockpile: Continuing Corruption, and CrossTalk. In 2015 they were given the Dice Tower Award for Best Small Publisher, and in 2016 they were nominated for Best Expansion in 2016. CrossTalk was selected as the Best Party Game of the Year in 2017.