In Roar: King of the Pride, Everything the Light Touches Is Yours

IDW's Roar: King of the Pride puts you in control of a pride of lions, complete with lions, lionesses, and cubs. In Risk-style gameplay, your pride proliferates over the land, taking over territories and consuming resources. Lions can be used to pull other lionesses to your side (or build ancestral strength), lionesses bring in food, and cubs are born to grow your pack. 

In the wilds of Africa, lion prides rule over all beasts, but only one pride can rule over all the lions! In Roar: King of the Pride, three to six players compete to become the dominant pride of Africa. Managing your food supply, while expanding your territory and growing your pride size with cubs, will take strategic planning and key wits. Even the best-laid plans, however, can be interrupted by other prides’ secret objectives, or worse…the encroachment of a new, and deadly, threat.

Roar: King of the Pride is set to release next month, in February 2018, and will be priced at $59.99.