Suspend Balancing Game Review (Melissa & Doug)

Suspend is an award-winning dexterity and balancing game, in which 1 to 4 players attempt to balance notched metal sticks on top of each other in some kind of deranged mess. Your goal is to put up all of your sticks before another player does, but it's also complete nonsense. To stress, this is a game for children, but that's never stopped us before. Suspend is intended for eight and up -- and is a family-style game -- but I suspect it would be better for children even younger.


Parfumaster - Scents from My Grandfather's Garden Board Game Review (Sentosphere)

Let's be clear: not only is this a game, it's a series of games. Parfumaster has numerous installments, from "Scents from my Grandfather's Garden" to "Scents from my Grandmother's Kitchen." It's also entirely in French. Parfumaster is a scent-based game which includes 32 cards and 16 scents. It's also not a game so much as an experience, and not an experience so much as a curiosity. And to be fair, it's made for like, six year olds, but that doesn't mean we weren't immediately entranced. Here's everything you need to know about Parfumaster.


Exodus Paris Nouveau Board Games (Indie Boards & Cards)

When you were a child, were you ever accused of doing something by an adult that you absolutely knew you didn't do? Did that adult refuse to believe that you were innocent, even as you desperately clung to whatever evidence and truths you had? Distill that bitter experience into a fine wine, and that's how I feel about social deduction games. Social deduction games are fun when played with my group, but every time I'm forced to play with strangers of aquaintences I walk away frustrated and angry.


Tips for Building Homebrew Settings vs. Established Settings in D&D/Roleplaying

In the past, I've written about roleplaying as a service to the player: how roleplaying is, essentially, a mechanism by which a DM or GM allows cool things to happen. The more complex, dynamic, interesting, and unique these things are, the more rewarding -- and the more solid the framework is, the more complex and dynamic it will be.

Villages of Valeria Board Game Review (Daily Magic Games)

It's Valeria, again! So, one of my best friends came over last night and ordered from Order Up. That's not notable, except she ordered thirty dollars of candy from Order Up. Not only that, but it was really bad candy and she just left it with me like a monster. 

What's worse than cursing someone with terrible candy? I genuinely don't know. You can't not eat it, it's candy. You can't save it, either, because it's candy. And you can't enjoy it, because it's horrible.



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