Plague, Inc Board Game Review (Ndemic Creations)

Tired of saving people in Pandemic? Try to kill them all in Plague, Inc. Based on a wildly popular digital game, Plague, Inc. casts you in the role of a bacteria or virus, attempting to evolve itself to have the greatest possible impact on the world. You'll be competing with other viruses for control of the world, as you all attempt to manage your transmission vectors and your lethality. Plague, Inc is a strong and simple strategic game, that can be played in under an hour.


Tales from the Worst Adventurer's League Game Ever

6:00 PM - There are three other people at the table and they all seem incredibly cool, this is looking good.

6:12 PM - He hasn't looked at my character sheet at all, but I assume that's alright. My randomly generated name is Sidney "Coxswain" Chaos. I may change my real name to this.

6:30 PM - Wait. Did he just tell that girl she can't use chill touch because it's melee? He also called all her spells useless non-melee spells but she has both chill touch and witch bolt. 

Spy Club Board Game Review (Foxtrot Games)

Spy Club! Work cooperatively with your friends to solve a crime, all while the criminal attempts to sprint away. Get ideas, collect clues, and finish your chores. Spy Club is an 80's "mystery club" themed game for 2 to 4 players, in which players have to work together to collect sets of a specific color, while manipulating the clues they have available on their board. And though it seems like a childishly-dressed kid's game, it's pretty difficult.


Villainous Board Game Review (Wonder Forge)

Take control over one of Disney's famous villains in Villainous -- except this time you're going to win. Villainous is a competitive game in which every villain is scrambling to meet their own win conditions, while also interfering at times with each other (because villains just can't get along). Villainous is an action management game, in which players have to defeat heros, collect artifacts, and make sure they have enough power to complete their dastardly deeds. If you love Disney, this could be a win for you. If you don't, I'm not sure why you're even here.



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