POLTERGEIST - Mystery/Horror One-Shot RPG

POLTERGEIST is a one-shot RPG system that uses d6 rolls for game generation, character generation, and challenges. Throughout POLTERGEIST, players will attempt to get clues regarding who killed their victim, how their victim was killed, and where their victim was skilled. Players are competing against each other to collect clues and solve the game, while the DM is attempting to feed interesting, unique clues to the players -- all while challenging them with their environment.

Captain Sonar Board Game Review (Asmodee)

Captain Sonar is intense, real-time, team-based battleship game, and though we've wanted to play it for a while, we've never had the exact eight players needed to properly play it. But in addition to being a real-time strategy game, Captain Sonar is also an exploration of who people are. This is not a serious strategy game: it's just free-for-all of nonsense that happens within a very tight, tense space. And that's what you'll either love or hate about it.


The Chameleon Card Game Review (Big Potato Games)

The Chameleon is a social deduction card game in which players are trying to hide a secret word from a "Chameleon," who is trying to guess it. The Chameleon doesn't want the other players to know who they are, but all of the players have to reference the secret word without outright revealing it. If you like social deduction, The Chameleon streamlines and optimizes the process of social deduction until it's only the deduction that's left. That comes with all the classic excitement and drama of the genre -- if in a very light, casual package. 



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