SUPERHOT Card Game Review (Greyfox Games)

Superhot is the most innovative first-person shooter of our time, so it only makes sense that it would also be a VR game and a card game. SUPERHOT is a game about bullet time: bullets only move as fast as you do. It also contains a nifty meta-game about a dystopian future in which corporations control human minds, or something, but don't worry about that part. SUPERHOT: The Card Game is a compact deckbuilder in which players also control the flow of time, represented by a line of obstacles and enemies across their board.


Women in Board Gaming and Tabletop: a Personal Perspective

As a video gamer and long time DND player, I'm accustomed to being a part of communities that weren't made for me. I've long argued that the lack of female perspective in gaming isn't indicative of inherent sexism, but rather market share -- and that the industry will change over time as women continue purchasing and engaging. But none of that purchasing and engagement happens if we don't all work together, understand each other's perspectives, and show compassion -- and even as a woman I can struggle with that. 

Ex Libris Board Game Review (Adam P. McIver)

I am bad at this game. There are very few games that I'm flat out bad at. I'm good at deck builders, I'm decent at factory building games, and I'm OK at area control. But I am bad at this game in particular. Ex Libris is a game about the Dewey Decimal system, really -- in it, you play a librarian, who needs to collect and organize their library. In most respects, it's straightforward: you collect sets of books and you organize them, while managing the limited amount of actions that you have.


Downforce Board Game Review (IELLO)

Never before has such a simple game seemed so irrationally complex as we reviewed it. DownForce is a bidding, betting, and racing game, intended to simulate a sequence of scenarios that does not exist in any way in the real world. Players are going to bid to purchase cars, race those cars, and then bet on those cars, all with the same hand of racing cards. It's an interesting game, especially because there's far more of a social component to it than it first seems. You aren't just gambling on some randomized outcome, you're gambling on the reactions of the other players.


Paper Tales Board Game Review (Catch Up Games)

Blink and it's over. Paper Tales is a drafting, factory building game that goes four fast-paced rounds. Recruit your units, build your township, and... let your units die. Take some income and hope that by the end of the game, you have the highest amount of victory points. Paper Tales can play up to 5 players in a game that lasts only 30 minutes. In terms of strategy, it'ss a little shallow and random -- but the fast-paced nature of the game adds to replay value, in that you can play the game multiple times to try out different strategies.



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