CEO Christian Petersen Announces Retirement from Asmodee NA

Christian Petersen, designer of Twilight Imperium and founder of Fantasy Flight Games, will be stepping down as CEO of Asmodee NA by the end of 2018. Petersen assumed the role in 2014, following Asmodee's acquisition of Fantasy Flight. During his career with Fantasy Flight he published over 400 games and was personally involved in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, the Lord of the Rings Trivia Game, and many others.

Quests of Valeria Board Game Review (Daily Magic Games)

Take the role of a guildmaster in Quests of Valeria, a fast-paced game for up to five players. In Quests of Valeria, players draw and hire citizens, with the goal of eventually completing quests. Once a player has finished five quests, the final round is triggered. Quests of Valeria is strategically simple and can be played within 45 minutes. For anyone who has played a Valeria game, it will look extremly similar; the art of the cards is very nearly identical.


Weird Things Humans Search For Card Game Review (Big Potato)

What do you think of when you think "party game based on your Google history?" Do you feel abject terror? You probably should. But even though Weird Things Humans Search for looks like an edgy Cards Against Humanity style game, it's not -- it's actually weirdly charming. Weird Things Humans Search for is just a game about, well, Google Autocomplete. Playing anywhere from three to twenty people, Weird Things Humans Search for is a decent and (relatively) family-friendly game that pulls information from what people are actually searching for on the internet. 


What is "Kingmaking" and Why Did Someone Just Flip the Game Table?

We were halfway through a game and one player had nearly lapped the others across the board. It wasn't that he was cheating or anything so crass. He just happened to have made an extremely good choice at the beginning of the game, which locked him into a very successful synergy. You could see the frustration in the other players' eyes as they struggled to catch up.

"He's clearly going to win," said one player. "There's nothing we can do."

Tiny Epic Defenders Board Game Review (Gamelyn Games)

Select your hero and defend the world from roving monsters in Tiny Epic Defenders, a cooperative action point strategy game set in the Tiny Epic world. Tiny Epic Defenders is billed as a solo game or couples game, though it plays up to 4 players. Like many of the Tiny Epic games, it packs a significant amount of gameplay into a tiny box. Unfortunately, difficult to understand rules and repetitive gameplay make this one of the least approachable of the Tiny Epic games. 



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