Reviews - Roleplaying Systems

Firelight: The Questing Card Game Review (HobbyHorse Games, LLC)

Firelight is a cooperative adventure for 2 to 4 players, with one player acting as the gamemaster. Players select their characters and are then thrust into one of 20 unique quests, which they'll need to resolve through skill checks, battles, and good old-fashioned roleplaying. Firelight promises to be a "questing card game," and while that much is true, it feels as though it's answering a question that no one ever asked. That question is: How do you play a roleplaying game without actually playing a roleplaying game?


The Witch is Dead RPG Review

After a successful run at "Honey Heist," we decided to do another similar (and even more popular) RP system from the same author: The Witch is Dead. In the Witch is Dead, roleplayers take on the role of magical animals. After the murder of their master, they are tasked with finding the eyes of her killer (the Witch Hunter) and bringing them back to her, to concoct a spell and make it so that the witch will live again. The Witch is Dead is an interesting system, because by all means, players report either having a horrible time with it or a great time with it.


Expedition Card Game Review (FABRICATE)

Have you ever wanted to play a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game while furiously shuffling through a deck of cards? Expedition is your game. An app-driven RPG, Expedition puts you in the role of one of many selectable adventurers, complete with their own kit of abilities. Designed to simulate the experience of playing a traditional role-playing game without a DM, Expedition marries app technology with board gaming in an altogether uncomfortable but still interesting way.


Honey Heist RPG (Grant Howitt) [Character Sheets Inside]

You have two stats: criminal and bear. And really, what more do you need? A one shot roleplaying system by Grant Howitt, Honey Heist puts you in the role of literally just a bear trying to commit a heist at the upcoming HoneyCon. it sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous, but there's actually a lot more going on. Honey Heist can be described in just a few minutes and creates enough of framework for a story with very little prep.


Dread Horror RPG (The Impossible Dream)

Dread is a Jenga-based horror-themed roleplaying game -- if you aren't already sold on it, it's probably not for you. Rather than rolling dice for action resolution, Dread makes you pull Jenga blocks. If the tower falls, you fail... and often die a gruesome death. Though the premise seems patently ridiculous, it is actually more thematic than it seems.