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Tales from the Worst Adventurer's League Game Ever

6:00 PM - There are three other people at the table and they all seem incredibly cool, this is looking good.

6:12 PM - He hasn't looked at my character sheet at all, but I assume that's alright. My randomly generated name is Sidney "Coxswain" Chaos. I may change my real name to this.

6:30 PM - Wait. Did he just tell that girl she can't use chill touch because it's melee? He also called all her spells useless non-melee spells but she has both chill touch and witch bolt. 

How to Schedule a DND Group When All Your Players Are Constantly Busy

As you get older, scheduling DND sessions becomes steadily more difficult. Work, family and other responsibilities all combine to make organizing a regular time slot seemingly impossible. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up on DND, it just means that you need to work a little harder. Organizing a social event today means you need to take control, making decisions and keeping everyone on the same page. 

Running a D&D Event for Kids: Some Observations

A friend of mine has been running D&D events in places like local libraries. These events are often kid-centric -- after all, what kid in 2018 doesn't want to get into Stranger Things-like hijinks with their multi-cultural friends? In my day, we were chased down flickering, blood-soaked halls by brutal and otherworldly monsters on the way to buy a Crystal Pepsi for 5 cents at the malt shop.

When the DND Game Gets Raunchy: How Do You Deal With Sex in DND?

"Just so you know, if the game gets sexual, I'll probably bow out." My DM looked at me, his eyes suddenly full of panic. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I mean, if it goes sexual in a way that doesn't service the plot or make sense, I'm out. Sex in DND is just not my taste." "I can't really control what other players do." "I'm not asking you to, I"m just telling you what I will do."

The Evolution of Character Death in Roleplaying/DND Games

Character death in roleplaying is a hotly contested topic, and, in the opinion of many long-time GMs, one of the major ways in which roleplaying games have changed in the last ten years. In prior generations, hero death was fairly common. Not only that, but it was often seen not as an antagonistic action or failure of the GM, but rather a noble or fitting end to a character. Today, character death is seen as something that needs to be avoided at all costs -- and that’s led to an interesting shift in roleplaying mechanics.

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