The Evolution of Kickstarter in the Board Game Industry

Kickstarter is the largest venue for board game publishing. Even companies that already have their own funding and an established following are publishing their new games on Kickstarter. Large IPs use Kickstarter to gauge public interest and to obtain funding before the development of their project. Consequently, it's no wonder that problems arise -- such as the failure of the Evil Dead 2 game

How to Price Your Kickstarter Board Game

You don't know what you don't know. Before you launch your first Kickstarter board game, there are a lot of questions you might not even realize you need to ask. Kickstarter has become the de facto standard for independent board game funding, but that also means that the market is now saturated. How can you make your game stand out? What mistakes do you need to avoid?

Well, you may want to begin with the pricing.

Re-Chord Brings Guitar Hero to Board Games

With real picks, chords, and songs to play, Re-Chord has struck a chord with board gamers. Funded in just 7 hours, the pattern matching game Re-Chord has reached $20,032 of its $7,500 goal. A single pledge of $29 gets you a copy of Re-Chord and all of its stretch goals, which have become substantial as the game has blasted away its milestones.

Edgar Allen Poe-Themed "Masque of the Red Death" Has Deluxe Version Funded!

IDW's Masque of the Red Death has funded the "deluxe" version of the game, now hovering above $50,000 on a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will officially close on January 26th. Masque of the Red Death will be a deception-based game, in which characters select their moves during the famously cursed ball. An attractive art style, grim theme, and high quality pieces appear to have made this Kickstarter popular. 

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