Father's Day: 6 of the Best Board Games to Buy for Dad

Maybe your dad is already into board games, but he still needs to build up his collection. Maybe you just have no idea what he's interested in to begin with -- lawn care? Technology? Fishing? What does he do with his time? Regardless, a board game can be the opportunity to give your dad the gift that he really wants: more time with his family. Presumably. You might all be terrible. We don't know. 

Starting from scratch is difficult, but there are a few all-around games that can be fun for any family.


15 of the Most Popular Filler Board Games

A filler game is a light game that can be setup and played within about 30 minutes. Filler games are simple enough that you can reliably learn them on the first playthrough, but may allow for more complex strategies the more you play them. And though they can have a bad reputation ("filler game" itself sounds dismissive), they're actually fairly versatile. A filler game can be played at the beginning of a session, at the end, or as a palette cleanser. If someone only has a few games, they are likely to be filler games. 

Building a Board Game Collection? The First 5 Games to Buy for Any Type of Board Gamer

Whether you're just getting into the hobby or just about to start collecting in earnest, it can be difficult to figure out where to start your board game collection. Though there are suggestions out there, there are vastly types of game experience and different types of board gamer. So here's where to get started depending on your personal preferences.

The Five Best Board Games That I Hate to Play

Before I get a whole bunch of hate for this, let me preface it with this: these are some of the games that are most often requested by my group, and, consequently, these are games that I often teach. So even though I personally hate these games (and hate may be a strong word, it's more that I nothing these games), I still expose new people to them and respect their place in the hobby.

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